Donations for James Fitzgerald's Companion

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Donations for James Fitzgerald's Companion

Postby Jim Sheppard » Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:17 pm

Robert Melendez asked me to post this message. I hope we can rally in support of Jame's girlfriend of the past 2 years.
Jim, "Doc, HoneyFitz*" Fitzgerald's battles are finally finished. You all know what a troubled life he led based on your conversations with him over the years. That damn war and that fateful day of May 5th haunted, plagued and scarred him until the end. He leaves behind a son, daughter, an ex-wife and his girlfriend/partner.

The Family is going to have a private memorial service with only family members attending. Koren and Doc's family are hoping that the Association will conduct a Memorial Service for Doc at the next Reunion. Koren said she would attend and hoped that Doc's family members would also attend.

Koren had a huge impact on his life. Under her influence he was able to greet the outside world with confidence, speak more trustingly in his everyday interactions; and, more importantly, he was able to open himself to others at the 1st/50th Reunions about his demons.

My message to you all includes a plea for help for his partner; Koren, is in a difficult situation, enduring some financially difficulties which are increased by a new job start put on hold and not being part of Doc's Will. So I'm asking for donations to her cause: I like to think that by helping her we're helping Doc.

Koren Dentz
916 Oak Park Rd.
Madison, VA 22727

Koren is ok with her name and address posted to the membership and is overcome with gratitude for the Association's effort. To complete the call for help, I'll post a similar message to the Association's Message Board; I thought that I'd post a special message to the officers of the Association separately.

Here's a poem/prayer entitled, "Native American Prayer" that I came across on the Internet; it seems appropriate as we think of Doc:

"i give you this one thought to keep-
I am with you still - I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the sweet uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone -
I am with you still in each new dawn in circled flight.

Roberto M.
*I gave Doc the nickname of "HoneyFitz" back at Ft. Sam Houston, Medic School, 1967.
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Re: Donations for James Fitzgerald's Companion

Postby snodinak » Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:46 pm

James Fitzgerald became a HUGE part of my life when we first met back in (I believe) 2005. I had posted on the internet that I was searching for someone or anyone who knew my brother Donald E Lowe, who was killed in action on 5May1968. I received a response, phone number, and a picture through the USPS from James. I called him and we talked for hours on the phone. We became like brothers; him taking the place of my own brother Donald, as we talked about everything they had gone through, their time together and how Don, Robert Allen, and James were like the Three Amigos. We talked about that final day on May 5th that seemed to plague James since it happened thirty plus years before. James and I began talking about him writing "His Story" about that dreadful date and after awhile he began. Today it is posted in War Stories and I thank God today that he did, because it brought life to a death we had both struggled through.

I was able to come visit James at thee different occasions; we went to the Wall together, I introduced him to my son named in honor of my brother Donald, and even celebrated one of my grandson's graduation (who now proudly serves in the US Army). I tried to get him to visit me in Alaska, but he did not like airplanes and so we never got to cast a fishing line together or experience Alaska's beauty side by side. We became like brothers; he became the brother I lost many years before. The best day we shared together was at the dedication of the Donald E Lowe training field in 2013 at Ft Benning GA. This is also the day I was introduced to Koren.

I don't believe I saw true joy come into his life until he met Koren. She seemed to bring back the energy and love for life he once had so many years before we had met, that I only knew about in talking, but never experienced with him. He had contacted me and told me all about her during their first meetings and as they grew together as best friends. I was delighted to be able to put a face to a story, a true "love story" when he introduced me to Koren.

My heart goes out to all who knew and loved James, his family, his friends, but mostly to Koren who (in her words) has lost "my sweetheart and best friend", the love of her life. James came into her life and he was again able to guide, protect and love another person who needed him just as much as he needed her. I know James in is a better place today, but he leaves behind many who will miss him dearly. May God comfort each and every one of you as you each experience your loss of a great and wonderful person; a man who showed his love to so many in so many ways.

You are truly missed brother, Bill Lowe
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