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1/50th Infantry Association Lottery
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The Association is holding a "lottery" style raffle to raise funds to help defray expenses of the next reunion. Even if you cannot make it to the reunion, please support the association by purchasing your tickets now. We are selling tickets based on the Ohio State Lottery (three-digit daily number). Multiple purchases are available and recommended, for sale to neighbors, relatives, and co-workers. There are only 1,000 tickets available, so do not delay and order your tickets today, before supplies run out.

The winning number will be the three-digit number drawn on 5 July 2002. The winning number pays $1,500.00. The numbers above and below that number will each receive $150.00.

LOTTERY TICKET REQUEST FORM (or PRESS HERE to order by email from Ken Riley).


ADDRESS:____________________________ PHONE NUMBER: _______________________

CITY:__________________________________________ STATE:_____ ZIP CODE: ________

__________ Individual tickets at $3.00 each.

__________ Books of four tickets at $10.00 each.

__________ Amount Enclosed

__________ Please include check for the amount of your purchase.


Please return all stubs for sold tickets, or else return any unsold tickets prior to 30 June 2002.

Send to:
Kenneth G Riley
200 Georgetown Court
Hanover PA 17331

NOTE: Association fund-raiser persuant to and in conformance with the Laws of the State of Ohio amd Pennsylvania.