Photographs of Bill Bontemps/bontemps157

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Ken Bradley, 3rd Platoon of Charlie Company remembers: This was APC "C-2-4", as I recall. We were pulling the mine sweep to open highway 19 one morning and got to the top of a ridge when we came under a rocket and RPG attack. I was driving "C-2-3" and the APC in this photo was directly behind me. It got hit near the fuel tank by a rocket and started to smolder. Fortunately these are Diesel fuel powered. I remember seeing a man from our Platoon, Johnson, running without his pants on! They had either been blown off or caught fire and he ripped them off during the firefight. We suffered no KIAs but killed several NVA soldiers. I remember some time later we returned to the same area and found some body parts. The .50 caliber machine guns had torn them up pretty badly and we had missed finding them after the firefight.