Photographs of Jim Kelliher/kelliher196

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Bill Bontemps contributed the following on these men: "At far left is 'Jonsey.' Don’t remember his first name, but he was from the state of Washington. Down in front on right is Dean Spooner. Can tell by his mustache and smile. Directly up from the mortar tube is Ben Rice. Remember 'Uncle Ben.' Just behind him is 'Tennessee.'...As Forrest Gump would say, 'I never knew where he was from'. I think just to the left of Ben is Cortland Ellis “Kentucky”  Dennison. This photo must have been shot before May 5, because Dennison was a KIA on that date. I think that is me in the back on the right, no shirt, leaning on a shovel."

If you can identify any of the other men pictured here, please contact Jim Sheppard, Website Committee.