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SSG Van Keuren - KIA 14 December 1967

PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:56 am
by Jim Sheppard
I received the following note below.

My name is Trevor Young, I am the Nephew to SSG Allan L VanKeuren. I am a current Infantry (Recon) E4/SPC with the US Army with a deployment to Afghanistan. I am emailing you in regards to SSG VanKeuren, a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant for C Co 1-50 Sept '67, until being KIA Dec 14th '67.

I am reaching you through the emails provided on the email list of, where it's listed that you served with C Co in Vietnam in 1967 during the time my Uncle did.

It has been difficult to find information and photos for my uncle, and I am reaching out inquiring if any of you had any stories to tell, photos, information regarding him, operations with him, his death, or anything else you would be willing to share. No information is too irrelevant, even just which Platoon he served in, and everything is appreciated.

It would truly mean an exceptional amount to both me, and his surviving family members including his brothers and sisters to help keep his memory alive both with me, and with them.

y e-mail address is:

Best regards, and thanks in advance,
Trevor Young