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Chasing Tomorrow's Nightmares

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2022 8:58 pm
Oscar Diaz just published his fourth book, Chasing Tomorrow's Nightmares,

Prior to joining 1st Platoon, B Company in November 1969, Oscar was with a Combat Tracker unit, assigned to Binh Dinh Province. This fictional novel is about the Combat Trackers. I have ordered a copy of his new book. His last novel was The Soldier in Alligator Boots about a soldier's assignment in Europe after Vietnam. I thought his book captured what it was like serving in Europe during Vietnam during the early 70's.

Oscar joined the platoon in November 1969 and served in March 1970.

Mike Chisam
B Company Jun 69 - Jun 70
1st Plt Leader, XO & Bn S-3A

Re: Chasing Tomorrow's Nightmares

PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2022 3:34 am
by wfm7
Just finished the book. Very good read and very insightful.