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1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Change of Command Ceremony
June 15, 2010, Fort Benning, Georgia

   Approximately 10 Association Members, family and friends attended the Change of Command Ceremony at Fort Benning, Georgia. 

On Tuesday, June 15th, representative elements of the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry stand ready (above) for the Change of Command Ceremony at Kannell Field.


198th Infantry Brigade Commanding Officer Colonel Daniel Kessler stands facing the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry
as LTC Michael Hastings (to his left) takes command from LTC Anthony Benitez (to his right). 


Above Left: Association President Jimmie Segars presents LTC Benitez with a Memorial Statuette prior to the Change of Command Ceremony. Above Right (Left to Right): Toby Jordan, Jimmie Segars, LTC Tony Benitez & his wife, Jay Copley, Dick Guthrie, John Topper and Jim Sheppard.


After the Ceremony, Dick Guthrie, John Topper and Jim Sheppard visited the National Infantry Museum and found their respective "pavers". Pictured above Jim admires his paver.

Those in attendance at the Change of Command got a brief tour of the new 50th Infantry area a few clicks from the old Treadwell Barracks. Pictured above is just 1/2 of the huge complex...situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding terrain. The building on the left front is the gigantic new mess hall...capable of seating up to 1000 soldiers!