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Family of James Earl Wright, (31E 079) surrounded by the men of Delta Company with whom he served.   The presence of these family members was a most positive event this year....and we hope more will participate in the future. Judy, Lynn and Nicky James wrote to us after this event: "Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your reunion this year. We had a wonderful time being with all of you and marvel at how welcome you made us feel. It was a very special experience. Thank you all for making it possible. Special thanks to Mick, Bob, Jim, Randy and Parker for sharing your remembrances of James Earl. It is very comforting to know that during James Earl's last days, he was in the company of such good and brave men". Pictured above (left to right): Bob Gold, Mick Hawkins, Parker Pierce, Randy Smith, Lynn & Nicky James (James Earl's Cousins), Dennis Driscoll, Aunt Judy (James Earl's Aunt) and Jimmy Segars.