For annual Membership in the 1/50th Infantry (Mechanized) Association, an annual donation of Twenty-five ($25) Dollars is requested. For this donation, you receive a copy of the bylaws, membership card, at least four (4) newsletters a year; plus upgrades whenever feasible, and a Directory of names and addresses of those members of the battalion contacted to date and any updates of the listing. Life Membership is $150.00. To become a member of the association, please fill out the information Sheet below and return it with your check for $25.00 or $150.00 to:

1/50th Infantry Association
Box 110
215 West Bandera Road

* * * * *

Name of Member:____________________________________ Birthdate:___/___/___

Service Number: __________________ Rank Held:________ Branch: _____________

Unit (Squad, Platoon, Company)_____________________________________________

APC (Track) Number:________ Name of Driver?__________________________

Date of Arrival--Vietnam: ___/___/___ Date left country: ___/___/___

(Street) (Box Number)
City________________________________________State____ Zip Code_________

Phone Number: (___) ____-_______ Fax Number: (___) ____-_______

E-mail Address___________________________

Spouse's Name ______________________________________________________

List children you care to identify on reverse side of form.

Other Military Assignments:_____________________________________________

Signature:__________________________________________ Date signed: ___/___/___

* * * * *

Membership dues go to defray the cost of publishing the newsletter and the postage to send it on its way. Any excess dues are used to locate additional ex-members of the battalion and help defray costs of setting up our reunions.

On the opposite side of this form, explain briefly what you have been doing since discharge. A brief resume would be appreciated for our historical files. This information is confidential and will only be released in the "Brother Bio" pages of the Newsletter and Directory published once a year, unless you request the information remain confidential.