By SFC Arnold Fisher

VOL. II, NO. 4 2 FEB 1969

AN KHE- The first rays of the early morning sun began to warm the steel hulk of the APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) as it crept up the hill. Two lone figures walking in front were carefully searching the surrounding terrain.

Heads suddenly jerked around as a thunderous explosion ripped through the earth sending rocks, dirt and steel fragments spinning into the air. A Lieutenant grabbed his radio and spurted words into the hand set. He smiled, "No sweat, number three just blew a mine." A look of relief was on the faces of the two men as they once again turned and began their search.

It was a routine day for Alpha Company, 1st Battalion (Mechanized) 50th Infantry. Their mission, clear the roads of mines and enemy troops, set up strong points and keep Highway 19 secure for the many convoys that haul tons of needed suppies daily.

The Lieutenant looked toward his men, "Let's snap it up men. Those convoys will be. ." "Hold it Ed ! Don't Move !" shouted Sp4 Lee Taylor of Bedford Va. The APC jerked to a halt. Pfc Edward Robertson of Reading Pa, had frozen in his tracks, his eyes searching from left to right for the danger. "Just to your right front Ed, over there," Taylor pointed and both men began easing up on the spot.

The two men were on their hands and knees now inching forward, gently probing with their knives. Robertson's knife stopped as it hit something metallic. Beads of sweat rolled from his brow as the two men very slowly began removing the dirt from the mine. The mine was marked and the two men moved on.

A few minutes later they uncovered another mine. "Both were big enough to flip a tank on it's back like it was a tin can," commented Robertson. "Not a bad day though, a few weeks ago we got eight mines in one morning," Taylor remarked.