Photographs of Jim Sheppard/USS General John Pope (T-AP-110)

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1. US Navy Photo taken of the Pope during it's Vietnam Service Era...might even be our "cruise" which began  September 1st, 1967!   2. Before leaving the Pope, Toby Hamon had this picture taken of a group of Charlie Company Men. Left to Right (Top) are: Jim Sheppard sporting his USARV Patch after a 6 month tour in Saigon, Walt Landry, Norm Poage, Gerold Jablonski, Toby Hamon and Matt Morrison. At the last reunion, Toby and I could not find anyone who remembered the names of the two men in the bottom row...even though we both remembered their faces very well. If anyone could help with these names, it would be appreciated. 3.. Sailing past San Francisco after departing Oakland. 4."Contemplation" as we approach the Golden Gate Bridge.    5. About to leave the harbor and pass under the Golden Gate Bridge. 6. Approching White Sands Beach on Okinawa...our first land in 18 days!

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7. Docked in Okinawa, photo taken from White Sands Beach.  8. Shot of the guys watching us return from the Club on White Sands Beach.  We were so's a wonder I was able to take the picture!  9. Yes!...there really WAS a Submarine Escort...(Upper left quandrant of this photo)...the "rumor" turned out to be a fact as we witnessed while in Okinawa...the Sub surfaced and followed us in when we arrived. Then, when we left,  followed us out and submerged.

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10. From the Texas Tech Virtual Archives, this was the canvas above Scott Thiry's bunk on the ship.  Scott was killed in action two positions to my left on October 31st, 1967. 11. Picture taken from inside the Pope before it was scrapped in 2005. 12. Shot of the deteriorated Pope before being scrapped at Brownsville, Texas in 2005. 

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