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1. Binh Dinh 2001
2. 2002 Get-together.

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Return from Binh Dinh, 2001 NOW WITH PHOTOS!!!

Oct-Nov 2001, Binh Dinh Province.

All members of the second group led by Dick Guthrie to tour Binh Dinh Province returned safely to CONUS. The patrol of sixteen persons had deployed to Vietnam on 20 October on a 13 day trip. The patrol leader, former commander of Bravo Company of the 1st Battalion (Mechanized) 50th Infantry on a earlier tour, stated, "Just back from a second return trip to Binh Dinh. Believe it went well for all concerned."

The Not-a-reunion Get Together 2002!!!

Who said 2002 would be dull? Starting 5 July, 2002, any paid-up member who knows where Bob Gold's house is is welcome for a gala two-day bash that is not a reunion!!! Amongst other things (such as no business meeting), this means that the real serious business of most reunions will come first! Believe it or not, pigs will be killed and roasted!!

Here's a clue to the secret location. Area Code 330. Here's another clue, Uniontown Ohio. For the final clue, email Bob Gold or phone him at (330) 305-1495 and ask, because he needs to know how many pigs to have on hand.

Many thanks to Bob, Jim Edwards and Randy Smith for putting this non-reunion together!

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