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Battalion Medical Platoon

Medic Jamie Cruz in front of the Battalion Aid Station at LZ Uplift

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Battalion Medical Platoon

The battalion medical platoon provides medical support to the battalion's assigned and attached personnel. It is responsible for providing treatment and evacuation of casualties. Infantry health services support consists of the prevention, treatment, and evacuation of casualties. Prevention is emphasized; soldiers can lose their combat effectiveness because of nonbattle injuries or disease.

The medical platoon stocks medical supplies and provides all Class VIII (Medical Supplies) support for the battalion. It is also responsible for maintaining and evacuating battalion medical equipment

Pictured at right is Ventura Rodriguez, Medic: "D" Company & SRAP, 1968-69.(Photo on right courtesy of Jamie Cruz, on left courtesy Jim Kelliher)

1/50(M) Battalion Medical Platoon Personnel

The medical platoon leader (a physician), with the aid of a physician's assistant (PA), operates the battalion aid station. The medical operations officer, a medical service corps officer, coordinates the operations, administration, and logistics of the medical platoon. This includes coordinating patient evacuation to the supporting medical company and providing support to company teams.

Medical Platoon Personnel

Battalion Surgeon
(Platoon Leader)

Medical Operations Officer

Medical NCO
(Physician's Assistant)

CPT Ray Cave Sep 67 - Jul 68
CPT Ralph Macek, Jul 68-Oct 68
CPT Larry Dossey Nov 68 - Oct 69
CPT Gall -Dec 70

CPT Chuck McAleer Sep 67- Aug 68
1LT Brown(?)
2LT Katzman -Dec 70
SSG Wm Reynolds
MSG Fred Miranda
SSG Stevens
PSG Charles Trotter

Medical Corpsman and NCO (MOS 91A and 91B)

Practical Nurse
(MOS 91C)

Anderson, Aubrey, SP4
Anderson, Paul D, SP4
Apana, Dennis, SP4
Armitage, David, SP4
Baker, Jerry D, SP4
Baker, William C. SP4
Beck, Kent E, SP5
Begley, Kevin, SP4
Bell, William, SP5
Bergman, Ron, SP5
Blain, James, SP4
Blair, David, SP4
Brockway, Bruce, SP5
Brown, Larry, SP4
Burchette, SP5
Camp, Steve
Canter, Sheldon L, SP4
Cruz, Jaime, SP4
Davis, James, SP4
Dawson, Herbert, PFC
Demeo, Tony, SP5
Daorrell, Eddie, SP5
Elliott, Roger, SP4
Ely, John L, SP4
Fain, George W, SP4
Fenstermacher, Rob, PFC
Fitzgerald, Jim, SP5
Fleming, Curtis, SP4
Garcia, Joseph G., SGT
Gross, Michael, PFC
Hannan, Mark D, SP4
Harris, Anthony
Heiser, David, SP5
Henson, Danny, SP4
Hill, Tommy, SP5
Janvier, Woodrow "Woody", SP4
Johnson, Clemmie, SP5
Kirkwood, John M.
Koplin, Michael, SP5
Lapolt, Ronald C., SP4
Latson, B, SP5
Linnan, John T, SP4
Lokery, Clarence, SP4
Luna, Pablo SP4
Mabray, William, SP4
Mangum, Tony, SP4
McCracken,  David J., SP4
Melendez, Robert
Milroy, Toby
Modaff, James, PFC
Odom, Dan
Oliphant, Steve
Oropeza, Ronald SP4
Parish, Greg, SP4
Parsons, Robert E, SP4
Parton, Donald R., SP4
Pearson, Philip C, SP4
Perry, John, SP5
Peterson, Walter E., PFC
Prado, Frank, SP4
Provencher, Ron , PFC
Rainwater, Franklin, SP5
Reed, Craig L., SP5
Reynolds, William, SSG
Rodriguez, Ventura, SP4
Roth, Russ
Rothwell, Kevin, PFC
Ryan, Leo
Schlecht, Daniel, SP5
Schnepper, John L, SP4
Sims, Erwin Bruce, PFC
Spry, Ronald J, PVT
Smith, Randy SP4
Strickland, Samuel, PFC
Swain, Robert G, SP4
Tabor, Bruce W. PFC
Tarvin, Tyrone, SP4
Tierney, Tom, SP5
Tovar, Pete, PFC
Valasek, Melvin, SP4
Valleau, Warren J, SP4
Waller, Larry, PFC
Watson, Chad, SP4
Whitbeck, Robert, PFC
Williams, JAmes, PFC
Wood, George D, SP4
Flores, Francisco (Tom?), SP6
Givens, Louis, SP6
Lower, David B, SP6
Morrison, Alvin B, SP5

Battalion Medical Platoon Organization

The medical platoon consists of a platoon HQ, a medical treatment squad, an ambulance squad, and a combat medical squad.

The medical platoon established and maintained the battalion aid station.

The platoon attached combat medical aidmen to line companies to provide emergency medical aid and evacuation. A medic was assigned to each platoon to assess, to triage, and to begin treatment of casualties. Medics also provided first aid for minor injuries or illnesses in addition to emergency medical treatment to stabilize seriously wounded soldiers for transportation to the battalion aid station. Medics also advised and assisted their assigned company in maintaining the health of the soldiers.

Journalist Ron Fischer, a high school friend of Charlie Company's Russell Haas, who was killed in action on March 2, 1968, has written several articles about the men from the battalion and their efforts in Vietnam. He published an article (View Here) about our battalion Surgeon Captain Ray Cave, in March of 2016 and attended a tribute honoring the Leitchfield Kentucky Physician on January 11, 2017. In attendance with Ron were Association Members John Topper, Chuck McAleer, Toby Milroy and Randy Smith. Click on thie link to view a video of our members presentations at the Ray Cave tribute held at the local Leitchfield, Kentucky VFW.

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