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1. Personnel
2. Tribute to a Fallen Scout
3. Letter from a Platoon Leader
4. Formation of the Scout/Recon Platoon.

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Scout (Recon) Platoon Personnel


1LT  Daniel White (June, 1968 to September, 1968) CPT                                           (September, 1969 -            )
1LT  James Edge (September, 1968 to            ) 1LT  Floyd J. Carter, III
1LT  Talmadge Cain (January, 1969 to August, 1969)  



SSG  Ed Gove SGT  Benjamin Shaw
SSG  Marvin Brophy SGT   Sid "Cotton" Sherwood
SSG  Willy Reiechelt SP5 Steven Craig Owen: Panel 23W - Row 029
SGT  Charles "Stormy" Connell: Panel 12W - Row 024 CPL  Jerome Liston Collins: Panel 23W - Row 020
SGT  Virgil Vern Hamilton: Panel 23W - Row 021 CPL  Gregorio Pangelinan: Panel 30W - Row 094
SGT  Bobby L. (John?) Hunt
SGT  George W. Mansfield


PFC  John Albertson SP4  Rigo Ordaz
SP4 Daniel Bryant Bill "Okie 34" Parkerson
PVT  Bobby Carver SP4 Norman Raty
Terry Don Collins SP4 Jim Sackett
Daniel Coia Jim Slattery
Jerry Couch John D. "Buck" Smith
Ignacio Evangelista Bill Spears
Bobby "Pineapple" Foster Morris E. Spitzer
Walter "Happy" Gilbreath Edward J. Swope
Giordono (sp?) SP4 Kenneth B. Thomas: Panel 11W - Row 093
Dave Hess Russ Wiebold
Alex Miller Pat Willson
Steve Minner Gary "Reverend" Wolff
Monahan (sp?) SP4  Roy Valadez

The list above is "informal" and should not be considered "definitive" of Scout (Recon) Platoon Personnel. If you recall members not listed here, please Contact the Website Committee. The Association of the 1/50th generally tends to err on the side of "inclusion" RATHER than "ommision" with all of our personnel lists. Thanks to all who contributed information for our SCOUTS page.

Tribute to a Fallen Scout


Sergeant, E5, RA265865123, MOS 11D40
Home of Record: Mango, Florida
Date of Birth: November 6, 1950, Age at time of loss: 19, Single
I Field Force Vietnam, Binh Tuy Province, Republic of Vietnam
Start of Tour: June 14, 1969, Date of Casualty: March 20, 1970
Days in Country: 279
Casualty Type A1, Gun, small arms fire, Panel 12W, Row 024

Webmaster's Note: Every single one of our battalion's KIA are special, and we honor the memory of each . Stormy symbolizes all of our fallen mates - the boy next door, the friend, the confident, the leader, the warrior. Each of the Scouts from Stormy's time who have contacted me mentioned Stormy, and several sent in photographs of him. They took his loss hard, as we each did our own. Rest in peace, Stormy.

Letter from a Platoon Leader

By Talmadge Cain

When I took over Scouts from Jim Edge, he took over S5. Scouts was also called Recon and we were stationed at LZ Action, west of An Khe. We were set up to have 56 personnel, 13 tracks, and patrolled from Mang Yang Pass East to LZ Schueller. We were big enough that we manned 2-3 strong points, and had two groups patrolling (Search and Destroy) going every day. We also responded quickly to any contact within 25 Klicks. At night we reinforced 4-5 bridges, provided security to LZ Action, and sent out at least one ambush patrol. We did not have much contact with SRAP-they worked out of An Khe and sent ambushes out at night. Once we moved back to LZ Uplift, we did a lot of CA's and day and night patrols.

The Brigade and Batallion tended to send us malcontents and troublemakers but they were great soldiers for me. We rode fast and hard and had a lot of contact. My guys thought that we were invincible so they designed the Scouts standard that we all flew from our tracks (I'll send some pics). After we started flying the standard, most everybody called us Scouts instead of Recon.. The rest of the batallion rarely saw us unless we rode up when they were ambushed or had contact, then they were glad to see us.

We had contact every Sunday, every holiday, and days with a 3 in it. LZ Action had the best mess hall around and Hanoi Hanna once said on the radio that she intended eating Christmas Dinner at LZ Action (she never made it, though).

We were part of HHC when I was there. The Scout commander was never a new lieutenant but transferred from a line platoon. Most officers in the battalion stayed 6 months in the field then in the rear 6 months. By the time I had 8 months in, my replacement took over but was wounded trying to disarm a booby trap. Good old LTC Woodall sent me back to the Scouts where I stayed until DEROS. I had a great bunch of guys.

Talmadge Cain

Webmaster's Note: Talmadge Cain's letter is a great tribute to our Scout Platoon. I was a Scout P.L. in Germany before coming to Nam myself, and I know that the powers-that-be often sent people they considered "trouble-makers" to Scout Platoons - but I also know that they often make the best soldiers if allowed to get on with their job!

Formation of the 1/50(M) Scout/Recon Platoon

By Rigo Ordaz

The 1/50 (M) Infantry Scout/Recon Platoon was activated in the latter part of May 1968. It participated in the Battle of Trinh Van, May 25-26 but was still operating as Delta Co. on May 5, 1968. The Scout/Recon Platoon was constituted from personnel and assets from Delta Co. (Provisional) when it no longer was a line company. The Scout/Recon Platoon had 56 personnel and 13 Armored Personnel Carriers and was part of HHC Company. The Recon Platoon kept the same numbers on the APCs as those of Delta Company for a while but eventually they were painted over.

On June 1, 1968 1LT Daniel F. White, from Delta 4th Platoon, was assigned as Scout Platoon Leader. At that time the Scout/ Recon Platoon operated out of LZ Uplift. The 1/50 (M) Infantry had been attached since April 5,1968 to the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate), after being earlier attached to the 1st Cavalry Division, and one month to the 4th Infantry Division.

The new platoon was comprised of two groups and a Recon team about 12 troopers strong, which was started with Sgt. Benjamin Shaw of Delaware in charge.

The Scout Platoon and the Recon team would carry out Reconnaissance in Force, Search and Clear, Cordon & Search, day and night ambushes, road and base security in the area from Phu My to Bong Son.

The Battalion History from July 1 to Aug 1968 carries several mentions of the Scout Platoon in Operation Cochise in the Soui Ca Valley.
  • On 21 July, 1968 at BR020797 the Scout Platoon captures 1 VC enemy.

  • On 31 July 1968, Scout Platoon killed one NVA with webbed gear at 311125 VIC of BR782608. Another enemy dead with B40 rocket launcher and 5 rockets. The Scouts continued operating in the LZ Uplift and Bong Son area
  • On Aug.3,1968, Scout Platoon hit a booby trap hand grenade VIC BR799588. Four personnel and the platoon leader were wounded.

The 1/50 (M) Infantry finished joint operations in the AO Cochise Green in the Soui Ca Valley and prepared to move to AO Walker around An Khe, LZ Schueller, LZ Action and QL19, where the mission changed to mostly road and bridge security. The 1/50 and Scouts manned Strong Points and Bridges and conducted patrols and ambushes in the area.

The original Scout Platoon Recon team, Summer 1968.

Sgt. Benjamin Shaw (far left standing) was in charge of the group. Next to Shaw is Carver, 5th man from the left (Standing) is SP4 Jim Sackett, far right standing with M16 rifle is Roy Valadez. Kneeling center is Ignacio Evangelista and next to him to the right is John Hunt, who became a squad leader later on. The Recon team would carry out day and night ambushes and reconaissance missions.

(Help is needed in identifying the rest of the group)


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