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Special Battles, Sites and Key Location Maps

Series  L7014 maps, custom created from our Association Archives

These maps are created from the map sheet series which are identical to the maps our Battalion used during operations in Vietnam.

Feel free to download these maps for your personal use.  They have been anotated with specific site locations. These same maps WITHOUT the notations are available on our "Maps edition DVD", released at the 2007 Reunion. Contact Historian Jim Sheppard if you would like more information.

ALSO....your suggestions for additions to these map pages would be appreciated.

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Association Maps

The Association has purchased, to date, two dozen "Hard Copy", original maps of the L7014 Map Series, specific to the Areas of Operation of the 1st Battalion (Mechanized) 50th Infantry, while OPCON to the 1st Cavarly Division, 4th Infantry Division, 173rd Airborne Brigade and First Field Force Vietnam.  This number was expanded to include all the maps used in all three of our Areas of Operations for release on a DVD for the 2007 reunion.  Order information for the new DVD is listed below these links to maps of specific locations, which are also included on the DVD.

Download These Maps

Maps shown as links are available for download at this time.

These files are in a format that requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Most computers already have this tool. If your computer does NOT have the reader, it is available as a FREE download from the Adobe Website. Use this link to go to the Adobe website download page: Get Free Adobe Reader

Index Map of Series L7014 Topographic Mapsheets Valuable map showing the locations of all of the South Vietnam Topographical Mapsheets, 1:50,000 scale, Series L7014, with UTM Codes (2-letter prefixes) overlay in red. Download File Size: 2688 kb.
LZ Geronimo - Tam Quan Vicinity LZ Geronimo: BS878-170, LZ Lowboy: BS913-147. Tam Quan: BS900-130.  Map created at the request of Jeff Felder (Charlie Company, 12-67 to 12-68) Download File Size: 274 kb.
Tam Quan - Bong Son Area LZ English: BS879-005, LZ English North: BS883-056, LZ Tom: BS900-090, LZ Lowboy: BS913-147(Slightly Northeast of Tam Quan and not on this map). This important area of our operations in 1967 and 1968 was the scene of the Battle of Tam Quan, from 6 to 20 December, 1967. Download File Size: 461 kb.
The "Crow's Foot" Area Series of valleys 20 kilometers West of LZ Uplift. Nicknamed for it's distinctive shape. Created from portions of Map Series TL 7014, Sheets 6737-I and 6737-II. Also included is a page on the ancient symbolism of the "Crow's Foot". Download File Size: 983 kb.
The Cay Giep Vicinity "Tiger Mountain", "Old Baldy", LZ Quick, Hill 641....Cay Giep (BR 931-903) was the most prominent landmark of the LZ Uplift Area of Operations. Created from Map Series TL 7014, Sheet 6837-IV...also includes some great photos! Download File Size: 827 kb.
An Bao - Dam Tra O Vicinity This map includes the Villages at An Bao, scene of the Battle of An Bao, from 5 to 6 May, 1968.(BR906795) Download File Size: 1,268 kb.
LZ Uplift Vicinity Map of area including LZ Uplift, LZ Ichiban, 8 Inch Hill, Duster Hill, and LZ Litts. Download File Size: 1,270 kb
Nui Mieu Mountains and Route 505 Map of area including LZ Uplift, East and South of same. Taken from portions of Map Series L7014, Sheets 6837-III (Phu My) and 6837-IV (Bong Son). Download File Size: 793 kb.
506 Valley Map of 506 Valley, West of LZ Uplift, with photos by Bill Moore and Dick Guthrie. Download File Size:458 kb
Suoi Ca Valley Map of The Suoi Ca Valley (BR800-660), SSW of LZ Uplift, with notations taken from Battalion History for July to September of 1968. Map inspired by Rigo Ordaz's description of the Scout Platoon. Download File Size: 287 kb
Qui Nhon Port Map and pictures of the Qui Nhon City and Port Area. Download File Size: 413 kb
An Khe Pass Map of section of Higway 19, showing the An Khe Pass. Both portion of Map Series L7014 6736-I (as well as two Aerial Photos). Download File Size: 297 kb.
Camp Radcliff Vicinity This map covers the area between the Mang Yang and Anh Khe Pass and shows all key locations. Download File Size(LARGE): 4.8 Mb.
Mang Yang Pass & Pump Station 8 Map of section of Higway 19, centered on Pump Station 8 and also showing the infamous Mang Yang Pass as well as LZ Action. Also included are a Photo of the edge of the Mang Yang Pass and the Daily Staff Journal specific to the SRAP action of 21 March 1969. Download File Size: 1612 kb.
Phan Thiet Vicinity Map of area including LZ Betty and Phan Thiet. Photo used with permission of http://www.lzbetty.com/. Download File Size: 751 kb
Thien Giao Vicinity Map of Thien Giao area, North of Phan Thiet. Includes photo taken from a Huey provided by Ray Sarlin. Download File Size: 379 kb
Whiskey Mountain Prominent Landmark North and West of Phan Thiet. Download File Size: 166 kb
Le Hong Phong Forest Vicinity Map of the Le Hong Phong Forest located North of Phan Thiet, East of Highway 1, and South of the Song Cai River and Song Mao in Binh Thuan Province. Photo used with permission of http://www.lzbetty.com/ Also a James Dacus Photo. Much thanks to Bob Camors for correcting me on the previously posted map which was off by over 30 clicks! Good thing I wasn't a Scout! Download File Size: 1,056 kb
Song Mao Vicinity Map of the Song Mao area, Northeast of Phan Thiet. Download File Size: 358 kb
Vinh Hao Vicinity (Firebase Panzer) Area along the coast, Northeast of Phan Thiet, Including location of LZ Panzer: BN523483. Map created at the suggestion of Rick Rajner, "A" Company, coordinates confirmed by "Skip" Fee, Former Platoon Leader from "C" Troop, 2/1st Cav. Includes three photos of the Fire Base contributed by Harvey Hummel, "B" Company, 1969-70, with thanks to Bryan "Frenchy" Lagimoniere for acquiring and submitting the photos for Harvey. Download File Size: 542 kb

Order Association Maps

These and all the L7014 Topographic maps of our areas of operation are available from the Historian on a new DVD, released at the 2007 Reunion. The full size topo maps are on the new DVD in .jpg format (Ability to "copy and paste" portions to your heart's content!) as well as .pdf format.  The files are too large to offer as downloads here. Contact Historian Jim Sheppard for order information.

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